Weight Loss Stack 5

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Weight Loss Stack 5

Become an unstoppable fat-burning force with Tokkyo Nutrition’s powerful combo supplement for weight loss. Integrating some of our most hardcore weight-blasting stars, our Weight Loss Stack 5 includes Clen-Extreme, Test Extreme, and Tren Extreme.

Clen Extreme Features

  • Accelerated energy
  • Assists in weight loss

Test Extreme Features

  • Supports fat loss
  • Sex hormone and prohormone

Tokkyo Tren Features

  • Sex hormone and prohormone
  • Improves blood flow


  • Increases in stamina**
  • Boosts in energy**
  • Supports the immune system**

Daily Routine

  • 0800 – Clen Extreme, Test, Tren with food
  • 1400 – Clen Extreme with food
  • 1700 – Clen Extreme, Test, Tren pre workout
  • Pair with 3X Natural Support for detoxing and Omega 3-6-9 for maximized absorption of all supplements.


Weight Loss Stack 5

Pila de pérdida de peso V

Conviértase en una fuerza imparable para quemar grasa con el poderoso combo suplemento de Tokkyo Nutrition para perder peso. Integrando algunas de nuestras estrellas más poderosas para adelgazar, nuestra Pila de pérdida de peso 5 incluye Clen-Extreme, Test Extreme y Tren Extreme.

Clen Extreme

  • Energía acelerado
  • Ayuda a perder peso

Prueba extrema

  • Apoya la pérdida de grasa
  • Hormona sexual y prohormona

Tokkyo Tren

  • Hormona sexual y prohormona
  • Mejora el flujo sanguíneo


  • Aumenta la resistencia**
  • Aumenta la energía**
  • Apoya el sistema inmunológico**

Rutina Diaria

  • 0800 – Clen Extreme, Test, Tren con alimentos
  • 1400 – Clen Extreme con comida
  • 1700 – Clen Extreme, Test, Tren antes de el entrenamiento
  • Combínelo con 3X Natural Support para desintoxicación y Omega 3-6-9 para una máxima absorción de todos los suplementos.

3 reviews for Weight Loss Stack 5

  1. sara b

    My girlfriend from the gym recommended this product and I’m a big fan. Haven’t experienced jitters from it, but have definitely been noticing my waist line trimming down!

  2. Christopher

    Very easy to take & have been very helpful! Grateful for Tokkyo brand because they have regain confidence in my body through these products

  3. bradley s

    All 3 products are wonderful! The biggest difference that I’ve noticed between this and other weight loss products is that these don’t make me feel weird & jittery. Provides a good amount of energy, but not over the top. Loving it

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