EQ Extreme

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EQ Extreme

Shed Your Frustration and Build Muscle with Tokkyo EQ Extreme


  • Promotes gains and energy
  • Amino acids
  • Improvement in muscle strength and hardness


  • Helps release human growth hormone **
  • Improves blood flow **
  • High ratio of power **

Daily Routine:

  • Take in the morning and afternoon with 8 oz of water.
  • For better results, combine with Omega 3-6-9.


EQ Extreme

Descarte su frustración y desarrolle músculo con Tokkyo EQ Extreme


  • Promueve ganancias y energía.
  • Aminoácidos
  • Mejora la fuerza muscular y la dureza.


  • Ayuda a liberar la hormona del crecimiento humano **
  • Mejora el flujo sanguíneo. **
  • Alta relación de potencia **

Rutina Diaria:

  • Tomar en la mañana y la tarde con 8 onzas de agua.
  • Para mejores resultados, combine con Omega 3-6-9.

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3 reviews for EQ Extreme

  1. Steve M

    I’ve been an athlete all my life and this was the boost I needed to take me to the next level.

  2. Charles

    Yes I feel the product is good but even more than the product, Tokkyo Nutrition has made me a fan and customer. Not only did i get a great product for the best possible deal online but it was shipped very quickly!

  3. Chuck Jackson

    Easier on your body and helps recovery time, boost endurance, which means you can do cardio for longer or lift heavier to better yourself. Price is by far one of the cheapest you will ever see.

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