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Hoodie Athletic Wear for the Dedicated Tokkyo Athlete

Look amazing from the moment you stride into the gym to cool-down with a Tokkyo Nutrition Hoodie. A favorite among our customers, the stunning black-and-white design, and hardy, 100% American-made fabric is perfect for the workout room or around town.

From supplements to training gear, at Tokkyo Nutrition we strive to develop products that enhance your fitness goals and make achieving the body you crave a reality. Show your pride for being a Tokkyo Nutrition athlete with one of our knockout shirts.

Quality Apparel for Any Body Type

We support all determined athletes who are dedicated to achieving physical excellence. The quality of our products is a reflection of our commitment to you:

  • › Small through X-Large Sizes
  • › Unique attention-getting logo design
  • › Rugged garment fibers hold up under tough, sweaty workouts

Get great T-shirts, fitness gear, and the best workout supplements on the market from Tokkyo Nutrition. Order cool accessories and products that drive real results today, or sign up for our free newsletter for bonus fitness tips and incredible savings.

4 reviews for Tokkyo Nutrition Hoodie

  1. Katlynn

    Soft, comfy, fits well and has a great hood!! A great hood on a hoody is important!! This one has that!!

  2. Francis Hendricks

    great hoodie love it and the quality is unbeatable

  3. Paul

    I really like how the hoodie fits on me and shows off my physique. The material is very comfortable and breathable.

  4. ben

    It’s great for showing off your shoulders/traps and arms providing you have them to begin with! Love this hoody.

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