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BCAA Stack


Branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) are the building blocks of optimal muscle-building power.  Without BCAAs, you end up burning muscle instead of calories, because your hard-working body can’t keep up with your ambitious fitness goals.


  • Vitamin B6 – involved in the metabolism of carbs, proteins, and fats
  • L–Leucine – powers muscle growth, prevents muscle loss, enhances fat metabolism and enhances recovery
  • L-Glutamine – helps with muscle recovery and helps promote muscular growth
  • L-Isoleucine – improves endurance, provides faster post-exercise recovery
  • L-Valine – enhances energy, increases endurance, and aids in muscle tissue recovery and repair


  • Enhances muscle repair and protein synthesis **
  • Boosts the immune system and stimulates visceral fat loss **
  • Decreases amount of muscle protein used as fuel to ensure gains are maintained in between through workouts **
  • Bioperine additive enhances absorption **
  • For the fully optimized results, combine with Diesel Fuel **

Daily Routine:

  • Take one scoop of BCAA post workout with 8 oz of water.


BCAA Stack

Obtenga control del crecimiento muscular extremo

Los aminoácidos de cadena ramificada (BCAA) son los componentes básicos del poder óptimo de construcción muscular. Sin BCAA, terminas quemando músculo en lugar de calorías, porque tu cuerpo trabajador no puede mantenerse al día con tus ambiciosos objetivos de fitness.

Dele a sus músculos la proteína que desean con Tokkyo BCAA Stack, una combinación de nuestros mejores suplementos para después del entrenamiento, diseñados para reducir el tiempo de recuperación y maximizar los resultados de cada sesión de entrenamiento.

Suplementos de entrenamiento para cada atleta

Hemos integrado una combinación sinérgica de BCAA y glutamina de grado más puro disponible para presentar nuestra pila de BCAA patentada. Cada contenedor de 30 porciones ofrece múltiples beneficios:

  • Mejora la reparación muscular y la síntesis de proteínas **
  • Refuerza el sistema inmunológico y estimula la pérdida de grasa visceral **
  • Disminuye la cantidad de proteínas musculares utilizadas como combustible para garantizar que las ganancias se mantengan entre entrenamientos difíciles **
  • Aditivo Bioperine mejora la absorción **
  • Para obtener resultados totalmente optimizados, combine con Diesel Fuel **

Supplement Facts

BCAA Stack Facts

6 reviews for BCAA Stack

  1. Katlynn

    This stuff is amazing!! it says use as a post work out but I usually mix with the carnage or another prework out. I feel a difference in recovery time post work out when I don’t use it vs.when I don’t use it. I personally like the watermelon flavor and goes great with the Diesel Fuel watermelon flavors.

  2. Matthew S Shook

    I started waking up with morning wood again the first day I used it. I noticed muscle size gains in just a week and a half.

  3. Mark P

    Boosted both sexual and gym performance.

  4. Carl J. Boyer

    I did get a little stonger in the gym after a couple of weeks of taking this. I experienced some increased energy

  5. Ernie

    This product is amazing! I simply cannot get enough of it. A must for any serious athlete or bodybuilder. BUYBUYBUY!!!

  6. Travis Henderson

    I’ve used this stack for about 2 months now and I must say it is the best bcaa I’ve used since I began working out. Flavor is great and it mixes well!

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