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BURN-EX : 14 Day Cycle

Two of the most important hurdles for committed athletes to overcome is burning fat, while maintaining high energy levels. Diet & training are key, but a safe, powerful supplement like Burn-EX will make up for any difference, ensuring you give it your all during demanding workouts. In just a few short weeks, you’ll gain the competitive edge.

Burn-EX Adds a Whole New Dimension to Your Bodybuilding Success


  • Instigates and maintains long-term weight loss
  • Ability to stave off dropping metabolic rates
  • Highly effective supplement


  • Enhanced Energy **
  • Increased Metabolism **
  • Incinerates Fat **

Daily Routine:

  • For best results, take one capsule daily for the full 14 day cycle.
  • Best results when combined with Omega 3-6-9.


BURN-EX : Ciclo de 14 días

Dos de los obstáculos más importantes que deben superar los atletas comprometidos es quemar grasa y mantener altos niveles de energía. La dieta y el entrenamiento son clave, pero un suplemento seguro y poderoso como Burn-EX compensará cualquier diferencia, asegurando que lo dará todo en entrenamientos exigentes. En tan solo unas pocas semanas, obtendrá la ventaja competitiva.

Burn-EX agrega una nueva dimensión a su éxito en el culturismo

Burn-Ex es conocido por su capacidad para evitar la caída de las tasas metabólicas, este compuesto instiga y mantiene la pérdida de peso a largo plazo. Este suplemento altamente efectivo produce beneficios indispensables *:

  • Energía mejorada **
  • Aumento del metabolismo **
  • Incinera grasa **
  • Obtenga mejores resultados cuando se combina con Omega 3-6-9

Supplement Facts

Burn-EX Facts

4 reviews for Burn-EX

  1. Katlynn

    Not your entry level fat burner energy supplement! By far the strongest Tokkyo Nutrition has (that I have tried!) my advice: Take only 1! Drink lots of water! Take early in the day! I was exhausted and now I can’t sit still!! Does increase body temp like most fat burner so I can not stress enough drink lots of water!! Kinda intense for the first 30 mins but then it mellows out to a nice steady flow of energy (: if you are looking for a slight but still very good increase of energy I recommend the black diamonds. If you wanna go “balls to the walls” this is your stuff …

  2. sara b

    I always have it before my meals, burn my fat and maintain my weight!

  3. Dave

    Great Product!

  4. Samuel.T.Langdon

    Works as stated! After one week ive noticed its really helping me lose those stubborn pounds ive been trying to get rid of. The one bad thing I could say about this is that it affected my bowel movements. I now have a more softer stool than before. However, I expected that from experience with fat burners in the past. But its always nice knowing what to expect right? Have a loose poop to lose some serious weight? SIGN. ME. UP.

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