Weight Loss Stack 1

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Weight Loss Stack I

Integrating a combo of our best fat-burning compounds into one ultra-power kit, Weight Loss Stack 1 will help you drop the pounds and gain strong muscle.

Clen Extreme:

  • Accelerated energy
  • Assists in weight loss

Tokkyo Tren:

  • Sex hormone and prohormone
  • Improves blood flow


  • Promotes gains and energy
  • Regulates smooth muscle contraction


  • Supports the immune system**
  • Helps release human growth hormone**
  • Accelerates energy**

Daily Routine:

  • 0800 – Clen Extreme, Tren, Winny-V with food
  • 1400 – Clen Extreme with food
  • 1700 – Clen Extreme, Tren, Winny-V pre workout
  • Pair with 3X Natural Support for detoxing and Omega 3-6-9 for maximized absorption of all supplements.


Weight Loss Stack I

Pila de pérdida de peso I

Integrando una combinación de nuestros mejores compuestos para quemar grasa en un kit de ultra poder, la Pila de pérdida de peso 1 te ayudará a perder peso y ganar músculo fuerte.

Clen Extreme:

  • Energía acelerado
  • Ayuda a perder peso

Tokkyo Tren:

  • Hormona sexual y prohormona
  • Mejora el flujo sanguíneo.


  • Promueve ganancias y energía.
  • Regula la contracción del músculo liso.


  • Apoya el sistema inmunológico**
  • Ayuda a liberar la hormona del crecimiento humano**
  • Acelera la energía.**

Rutina Diaria:

  • 0800 – Clen Extreme, Tren, Winny-V con comida
  • 1400 – Clen Extreme con comida
  • 1700 – Clen Extreme, Tren, Winny-V antes del entrenamiento
  • Combínelo con 3X Natural Support para desintoxicación y Omega 3-6-9 para una máxima absorción de todos los suplementos.

4 reviews for Weight Loss Stack 1

  1. Mark P

    This product has done everything I thought it would do! I’ve seen great results in my workouts as a result!

  2. don c jones

    What a great stack! I just finished my first one and I am down 6 pounds in a month.

  3. Mikey

    Definitely a great way to start off from being a slacker from the gym.

  4. Vanessa

    Every thing in this stack is a must have especially the clen-extreme/winny v for pre work and RECOVERY! I have very little soreness after an intense workout, and I’m able to jump right back in the next day.

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