Weight Loss Stack 3

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Weight Loss Stack 3

For a top weight loss supplement that yields fast, measurable results, Tokkyo Nutrition has combined three of our most potent fat-burning compounds to bring you Weight Loss Stack 3.

Clen Extreme:

  • Accelerated energy
  • Assists in weight loss

Test Extreme:

  • Supports fat loss
  • Sex hormone and prohormone


  • Supports fat loss
  • Triggers increases in stamina


  • Increases in stamina**
  • Boosts in energy**

Daily Routine:

  • 0800 – Clen Extreme, Test, Primo with food
  • 1400 – Clen Extreme with food
  • 1700 – Clen Extreme, Test, Primo pre workout
  • Pair with 3X Natural Support for detoxing and Omega 3-6-9 for maximized absorption of all supplements.


Weight Loss Stack 3

Pila de pérdida de peso III

Para un suplemento de pérdida de peso superior que produce resultados rápidos y medibles, Tokkyo Nutrition ha combinado tres de nuestros compuestos para quemar grasa más potentes y te ofrece la Pila 3 para perder peso.

Clen Extreme:

  • Energía acelerado
  • Ayuda a perder peso

Prueba extrema:

  • Apoya la pérdida de grasa
  • Hormona sexual y prohormona


  • Apoya la pérdida de grasa
  • Desencadena incrementos en la resistencia


  • Aumenta la resistencia**
  • Aumenta la energía**

Rutina diaria:

  • 0800 – Clen Extreme, Test, Primo con comida
  • 1400 – Clen Extreme con comida
  • 1700 – Clen Extreme, Test, Primo pre entrenamiento
  • Combínelo con 3X Natural Support para desintoxicación y Omega 3-6-9 para una máxima absorción de todos los suplementos.

3 reviews for Weight Loss Stack 3

  1. Joan

    You cannot beat this combo deal! Best deal for this price.

  2. Gary M. Johnson

    Very good price for all 3 products, and you get results

  3. Mark P

    really good fat burners, doesn’t give you the same heart racing or burning effect like some other ones but it makes noticeable difference.

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