Ambassador Locker

Key Tips and Best Practices to Ensure Success:

  1. Please use your 1 time 50% off discount, [your promocode]50 while logged in to your ambassador account.
  2. Ambassadors, please Follow and Repost @Tokkyo_Nutrition on Instagram
  3. All Ambassadors will be added to our SMS Community (only 2 messages per month). If you’re not receiving messages, you can text the word “Tokkyo” to 33222 on your mobile devices. Joining the SMS community is key because you’ll notifications of Flash Sales and major events with TN.
  4. Please log into your TN with screen-name and password you used upon registration. Check the White Board regularly, since it offers the fastest, most up to date information you’ll need.
  5. The White Board is the #1 way we’ll communicate with you, SMS is #2, and least favored method of all – is email, coming in at #3. If you rely solely on email, you will be at a severe disadvantage.
  6. All Orders Over $100 (final cost) will get Free Shipping in the United States
  7. TN is based in NH, a sales tax free state, use this as a selling point.
  8. Please read up on our revolutionary product 3X Natural Support. It’s safe for men and women, helps with libido, and can be used with any stack or alone.
  9. Talk to folks about 4, Muscle-Building Stacks. (If your code is used just once each month, on the purchase of a Muscle Building Stack, you’d be doing darn good!! Imagine that, just 1 code use. Everyone here can do much better, but just some food for thought.
  10. Please respond to comments on your IG, especially DM’s (direct messages). This really helps YOU more than even us. Show interest in your followers questions and comments, and develop a far stronger following.
  11. Please make sure to tag Tokkyo Nutrition when using Facebook and Instagram.
  12. Please Print This Letter – AND make notes as you learn.
  13. Please spend at least 15-30 minutes on other peoples’ social media. Develop a real audience and see what others are doing. Also, follow a few TN Ambassadors. Never cut yourself off and/or think you know everything.
  14. Please email us at for images we can post to the Tokkyo Nutrition Instagram account.
  15. Please contact if you ever have any questions on orders or order status.

What are Promocodes?

A Promocode is given to each Sponsored Ambassador upon registration and is treated the same as a Coupon Code. Promocodes can be given out freely to help promote the Sponsored Ambassador and Tokkyo Nutrition.

How should Promocodes be used?

Promocodes can be used the same as a Coupon Code on the Tokkyo Nutrition website. Customers can enter the Promocode as a Coupon Code during checkout to receive the discount.

What does my Promocode give customers?

Your Promocode discounts 20% off any Tokkyo Nutrition website order (discounts may vary). You can always review your current Promocode benefits on the rewards page.

Why can’t I use a Promocode and Coupon Code?

Promocodes cannot be used with Coupon Codes. When offering your Promocode to potential clients, make sure they are aware of this.

Tip: Your Promocode is only active if you are so keep your account active by logging in daily.


How many Reward Points are given on sales with my Promocode?

Reward Points are given on all transactions that use your Promocode. Reward Points are given as a 1:1 conversion of dollars (before tax & shipping). If the order does not get ship, such as cancellation or refund, no Reward Points will be given.


How do I receive Reward Points and when are they given?

The most common way to receive Reward Points is through your Promocode. Your Promocode can be used the same as a Coupon Code during checkout. Reward Points are given on all transactions that use your Promocode. View our “Reward Points” section to learn the best way to earn Reward Points.

Why can’t I spend Reward Points?

All Sponsored Ambassadors must have 100% profile completion to spend reward points. When your profile reaches 100% completion, you will be able to spend your reward points. Incomplete profiles do not stop your Promocode from being used or stop you from earning reward points.

Tip: Sponsored Ambassadors can earn free Tokkyo Nutrition products with reward points. Stack up your points to get our all of our products.

Ways to Earn Reward Points


50 Points

50 Points for becoming an Sponsored Ambassador (one time)


1:1 Points

1 Point for each dollar of a sale that uses your Promocode (subtotal before tax and shipping)


25 Points

25 Points for each product reviewed, that you’ve purchased (one time per product)


1 Point

1 Point for each day you login to


40 Points

40 Points for each approved video product review, that you’ve purchased (one time per product)


20 Points

20 Points for commenting on each blog post (one time each post)


5 Points

5 Points for every blog post read (one time each post)

Common Questions & Tutorials

How do I upload photos? / I am having a hard time uploading photos!

Please try this method which usually works for everyone no matter the browser.

– Login into your ambassador account and at the top right click on ‘Edit Profile’

– Go down to upload photo button that you want and click the button.

– On the popup window, click on the link called “browser uploader” at the bottom of the window.

– Click on the ‘Choose File’ button and select your image.

– Select click on update the images.

You should now be have the picture added to your profile, just click save at the bottom and you will be finished.

How do I spend my reward points?

Add products as you normally browse and during checkout select ‘Pay with points’ under the ‘Credit Card’ option on checkout. Almost every product on the Tokkyo Nutrition website can be bought with points at a 6:1 rate once you have enough points.

How do I submit a product review?

Product reviews can only be submitted if you have purchase the product previously in your orders on the new website. Once you have done so, you visit the product page of each item and submit a written review on the ‘Reviews’ tab under ‘Description’ tab. Only approved reviews will reward you with points and only one review per product per athlete will give you points.

Do you have other questions or just want to know more? Contact us by email at