BCAA Stack & Diesel Fuel Stim

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BCAA Stack & Diesel Fuel Stim Bundle

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BCAA Stack – Watermelon


Branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) are the building blocks of optimal muscle-building power.  Without BCAAs, you end up burning muscle instead of calories, because your hard-working body can’t keep up with your ambitious fitness goals.


  • Vitamin B6 – involved in the metabolism of carbs, proteins, and fats
  • L–Leucine – powers muscle growth, prevents muscle loss, enhances fat metabolism and enhances recovery
  • L-Glutamine – helps with muscle recovery and helps promote muscular growth
  • L-Isoleucine – improves endurance, provides faster post-exercise recovery
  • L-Valine – enhances energy, increases endurance, and aids in muscle tissue recovery and repair


  • Enhances muscle repair and protein synthesis **
  • Boosts the immune system and stimulates visceral fat loss **
  • Decreases amount of muscle protein used as fuel to ensure gains are maintained in between through workouts **
  • Bioperine additive enhances absorption **
  • For the fully optimized results, combine with Diesel Fuel **

Daily Routine:

  • Take one scoop of BCAA post workout with 8 oz of water.

Diesel Fuel Stim

Best Pre Workout Pump Supplement,  Tokkyo Diesel Fuel Stim Gets Your Motor Running
Let’s face it – working out isn’t easy. Getting a chiseled, healthy physique takes a lot of sweat, and proper preparation of your body before you ever start a training session.

For optimal results, take Tokkyo Nutrition’s best pre workout stimulant supplement, Diesel Fuel Stim, and transform your body into a clean-burning powerhouse with the unstoppable energy of a well-oiled diesel engine. Designed specifically for fitness fans wanting the ultimate pre-workout stim formula, we’re proud to unleash this state-of-the-art product into the bodybuilding and athletic markets.
Rev Up Your Fitness Routine and Conquer Major Fitness Goals
Our proprietary Diesel Fuel Stim formula helps you maximize workout benefits, shorten the recovery phase, and minimize the exhaustion that can accompany any tough training session. Designed with the highest-quality ingredients, Diesel Fuel Stim supplies multiple perks:

  • Super Pumps**
  • Super protein synthesis and vascularity**
  • Increased Strength**
  • Increased Endurance**

Note: Limit one bundle per order.

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