Basics for Sponsored Athletes & Ambassadors

What is this page for?

This page is to help sponsored athletes and sponsored ambassadors learn how to use the Tokkyo Nutrition website and where to locate all essential resources to be successful.

Please read the basics page & review the locker before asking questions as most common topics are covered in both sections.


Are you an individual who wants to promote and be promoted by Tokkyo Nutrition while earning free products?

Ambassador Benefits

  • Receive a promocode to distribute a discount on products
  • Earn reward points on your promocode being used in orders
  • More possible ways than customers to earn reward points
  • Be promoted on our social media
  • Get a personal one time %50 discount code
  • Spend reward points earned on a partially or fully paid order

Currently our sponsored programs are tailored so that hard working  sponsored ambassadors with a good record will later be promoted into the sponsored athlete program. If you have been a successful ambassador for awhile you can reach out to see if you can move up. Otherwise know that we will reach out to all ambassadors directly when we feel that you should be promoted.


Follow the graphic below to access your registered account.


1. Click on “Login” in the top menu or when on mobile click on “My Account”

2. Fill out the form and click ‘Login’ to be redirected to the whiteboard

3. If needed, reset your password by clicking the link and follow the automated process

Are you a newly registered ambassador? Know that your application must be approved before you are allowed to login. You will be notified by the email used on signup once we have made a decision if you are approved or rejected.


Know how to navigate and make use of all Tokkyo Nutrition’s website features.


Rewards – Shows all of the reward points earned, useful items like your promocode url (automatically adds your promocode to a visitor’s cart when using the link) and much more you need to view.

Locker – This is a full detailed listing of all sponsored program details.

1. Under “My Account” in the top right you can access the locker, rewards and any speciality pages across the whole website.

2. While logged in on the “My Account” page you can access all ambassador & athlete pages on any device. (Useful to know if you only access Tokkyo Nutrition on a mobile device.)

3. Daily Check-In on “My Account” gives says that you read the whiteboard and gives you some login reward points once daily.

4. The Whiteboard on “My Account” gives you the latest information that we need to convey to all athletes & ambassadors. These are things like new major features that effect you or when we have sitewide promocode bonuses.

Reward Points

We will try to keep things simple but know for more details to visit your locker.

What are Tokkyo Nutrition reward points?

Reward points are our creative way to add benefit in having an account. As an ambassador you have more ways to earn points than regular customers while we both promote each other.

How do I benefit by getting Tokkyo Nutrition reward points?

All registered users get to spend their earned reward points by applying them during checkout as a partial to almost full payment on all orders. Know that all shipping costs on point orders must be paid and no other discounts can be used when paying with points.

How do athletes & ambassadors earn reward points?

The most common way reward points are given would be on all transactions that use your promocode during checkout as a coupon code. Reward Points are given as a 1:1 conversion of dollars (before tax & shipping). If the order does not get ship, such as cancellation or refund, no reward points will be given.

Know that promocode urls are the best way to share your promocode to others. If customers visit Tokkyo Nutrition by using your promocode url it will automatically add your promocode to their checkout. If customers end up not using your discount or not buying anything it still tells us that people are visiting because of you sharing the promocode url.

Visit your locker to see all of the current ways to earn reward points.

About Reward Points

To spend reward points or to use the given one time %50 discount code you must be logged in to your athlete / ambassador account. No exceptions for any user.

Survey & Video Submissions

As a sponsored user of Tokkyo Nutrition we look on to you for help information in how we can serve our customers even better. Give us feedback on what you think of Tokkyo Nutrition whether it is good or bad.

Are you interested in additional cross promoting with Tokkyo Nutrition, discuss products/experiences and want to earn reward points in the process? Think about creating a video then submitting it to us to see how we can work with you.